Ahmet Kamil ERCIYAS
Founder & Chairman Of The Board

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Dear Friends,

In the following years, I am proud to lead a team that has always managed to overcome the difficulties and achieved firsts in the world, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my employees and customers who contributed. Despite the difficulties in the past, I believe that we will overcome the difficulties that will come before us in the future with the same solidarity and faith, just as we have come to this point.

The vision I adopted in 1972 has not changed: As long as humanity continues its development move, the need for energy will continue. We will be the best and most reliable with the products we produce and the services we provide, and we will continue to contribute by respecting nature and the environment we live in.

Then “Continue to carry life…Full way forward…”

Ahmet Kamil ERCIYAS

Founder & Honorary Chairman

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To be the leader in pioneering the improvement of products and services carrying necessary life elements for humanity. Manufacturing and serving innovative rolling stock products creating sustainable values for the environment and our stakeholders.

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Yes, it does.


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They are just some of those who have trusted our services. Project delivered, happy customer with quin cms.

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